#bdayweek 🎉


MAY 9 · 15


To ensure your health, take these steps:

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Now let’s get real quiet...

Don't you hear it?

The !bday is calling youuu! Feel welcome to a whole week celebrating we are all Sapiens. Yeah, it was supposed to go about me getting older, but I don't care sh*t about that really, so…

I propose you the following:

☝️ The !bday week, from the 9th to the 12th of May, the show will run from 18:00 to 21:00 CET (important, consider the time zone).

✌️ The !bday party, from the 12th of May at 23:00 CET to God knows when because it’s an EXTENSIBLE STREAM that will start with a 9-hour timer up to 72 hours.

Why so much excitement and exactitude about it?

Hihihihi, during this seven days, there will be 8 giveaways available for subscribers and viewers!

In total, there will be 34 winners from the 2nd to the 8th of May. I know you are not going to miss this craziness...

BTW, next Monday the 25th of April I’ll tell you a lot more about the little gifts we will enjoy, stay tuned!

If you want to discover more about future events in the show, check the #BKmap22 by clicking in the hashtag.

Here it isss, HERE IT ISSS!!!

Let me introduce you to all the information about the !bday, I hope you can handle it…

During the !bday week these will be the four first giveaways:

☝️ 220509 · !SIGN x10 DONE

A handwritten dedicated postal signed, with your username and name on it.

✌️ 220510 · !KISS x10 ✔ DONE

The same as the day before, with a red wet big kiss on it.

🤟 220511 · !POLAROID x5 ✔ DONE

The same as the day before, with three Polaroids with special photos to keep with love!

*From now on, the gifts are unique and unipersonal.

👌 220512 · !SEASON x3 ✔ DONE

A cute pack that contains three videos with the most lovely cosplays and outfits of the shows.

During the !bdayparty these will be the four last giveaways:

☝️ 220513 · !VIDEO x2 ✔ DONE

✌️ 220514 · !VIDEOCALL x2 ✔ DONE

🤟 220515 · !AMZGIFT x1 ✔ DONE

100€ Amazon Gift Card.

👌 220515 · !BKLOVER x1 ✔ DONE

A handwritten dedicated postal signed, with your username, name, and a wet red big kiss on it. Plus a #bekalover edition T-shirt of the size of the winner’s choice, thanks to Stucklover brand.

How can I get my gift?
The giveaways that require it will be delivered at the address the winners indicate through a form.

Also, all of the little gifts mentioned will be accompanied by my day by day perfume and all my love, hihihihi!

And, that’s not everything…

The three TOP supporters and the last sub on the bottom menu of my Twitch overlay will be screenshotted to win little gifts too!

When? At the end of the !bday party just when the timer gets to 00:00:00. 🤯

Remember, the !bday party starts with a 9-hour timer, but thanks to Agamotto’s eye you can add up to 63 hours to it!

Who doesn’t like presents and rewards, right?

The #BKarmy and I will be waiting for you…

That’s pretty it, ILY!